Where did the “Fixer Upper” start?

In recent discussion with my professor, I mentioned we often forget that a lot of these fandoms we have are for people who have to put some effort into what they are doing to get ahead in a way to produce a following to earn a living. The Magnolia Story really shares Chip and Joanna Gaines’ beginning. They got to where they at because of Joanna’s designs and interior decorating that she really only started after she jumped in with Chip on renovating houses. https://www.designmom.com/living-with-kids-joanna-gaines/

As a couple they worked hard to develop a business plan that would successfully develop a reputation of success. The details that have allowed them to

It is a fandom that is everywhere these days. What made Chip and Joanna successful with it, is that they spent a lot of time working together.

Of the whole story, they got picked up by HGTV by being themselves and still trying to make the situation as home renovators work in the midst of poor situations and bad deals.



Watching this episode really reflects the Gaines as a whole. Working together as a family and as a husband and wife. There is a part when Joanna calls out to Chip, when here sister’s husband was being critical. Chip jumped in see where the guy was coming from and to still support Joanna is the midst.


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