Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Popularity plays a role in plenty circumstances. Some would argue that popularity can develop bad circumstances where as some would say it’s a matter of making a name or brand for oneself.

When we think of what draws attention to our society, immediately we think of a superficial appeal. Whether looks are involved or the basics of what we see versus what we know.

We tend to gravitate to what is familiar and what has been known to make a difference or stand out to the masses. We make choices based on what’s been branded or adversities as good or worthy. Analogously speaking, it’s important that we know that real sugar might just be better than aspartame or high fructose corn syrup, for those who know food. We can measure what’s right and wrong about food, although it’s not entirely easy when it come to art, or self expression.

Wholesome would be a term that should be regarded in many aspects. Ultimately we don’t want to any to miss out on things that would make us well rounded individuals and still maintain our growth in a direction of peace and justice.

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