“Demo Day”

Currently in my life, the idea and application of building a hope within a home space has been a big focus. Many people have come to lean into Joanna and Chip Gaines for inspiration and confidence in their decisions for home making from the ground up and then earning an income from doing so. I have come to know them as part of the Magnolia Realty team. This fandom comes to reveal a family aspect in that I have come to find astonishing. This fame and fortune came through hard work, as they seem to credit to. 

As I am seeking balance and a view for my future, this team has inspired, encouraged and helped me see the reality of their dream develop with faith.

I discovered inspiration in the simplicity, yet functionality, of the designs and execution of all the projects this team has taken on. The only house on the market my child and I have viewed, was listed by the Magnolia Realty team. We weren’t shopping for home but I was inspired to attend the open house because of their fandom development. I will say that I was impressed at the homes uniqueness, and slight mysteriousness. I have communicated with their team via telephone and the kindness was there.

The encouragement they give people in that they started their team small and through insight from those they could trust built somewhat of a following. I would like a house for my child and I to call home, which is why I would like to dive further into this fandom. My knowledge in the realty part of the world is limited, and by diving into this fandom, I should gain a little more and still have a focus on design. I am encouraged by their fan base to think that they have produced a good product for those they have developed houses for.

They have deemed to be successful in their work, and they have still remained true to their faith and kept that evident and sincere. I have since this in many successful fandom lives. They reference their faith in more ways than you find with such a huge popular culture behind them. There is popular culture in faith, but they seem to attract a completely diverse group of people, almost around the globe. Faith has such an importance in people’s lives, even when you are just making sense of who and what to learn form.

I have been able to visit not only a listed home of theirs, but also their retail markets.


I am interested in learning more about the building side of their developments. I have also read The Magnolia Story, which has left an impression on my life. As research in this fandom develops, getting knowledge about more of the development and renovation side of their projects would be ideal. The balance is what I am trying to see in their lives. I would like to learn how they manage to keep such a huge fan base. It’s hard to make everyone happy.

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